2019 Pickup Trucks that will be released in 2018

The pickup trucks continue to outsell all other vehicles in the US and the crossover and SUVs follow them while passenger cars don’t show signs of the returning market top place in the near future. What’s more, the pickup trucks have become the part of the lifestyle the stateside. The fact actually is that buyers are purchasing the pickups for the passenger transport and commercial use primarily while just about 15 percent of trucks have been used for their primary purpose. The manufacturers also love this fact as the trucks and other utility vehicles are more profitable than the passenger vehicles. That is also the reason why we can buy trucks in the number of sizes and shapes but also in many configuration options regarding the creature comforts and top-notch technologies.

Speaking of sizes, the mid-size models regained the popularity since the 2015 model year and return of GM’s Colorado and Canyon models, and the mid-sizers are now the most affordable trucks in the US. However, the main competition is in the full-size segment, especially among the light-duty models. On the other hand, there are no signs that compact trucks will return to the US anytime soon.

The things are slightly different in the rest of the world where the pickup truck craze is also present. We can witness growing number of new models but the full-sizers are not popular on the Old Continent. In other markets outside the US where we can choose between many mid-size models.

In any case, the pickup trucks will continue to allure the buyers in the 2019 model year which started pompously in the US with the debut of the redesigned Ram 1500, GM full-size twins and the return of the mid-size Ranger. More models will come later like the Wrangler-based truck and Tesla’s electric truck but the rest of the world will also see many redesigns and updates.

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