2020 Audi Pickup Truck: Rumors, Design

2020 Audi Pickup Truck

The number of pickup trucks on the roads continue to grow and high-riding machines have become a regular sight these days. The Wrangler-based Jeep Gladiator arrived recently and we witnessed the return of the Ford Ranger on the American soil. Tesla has hinted recently that the Tesla pickup is getting closer to the launch and Hyundai Santa Cruz is also a step closer to the debut. There are more pickup-truck models in consideration and Ford was reported about the possible introduction of the new small truck. Ram is also thinking about the mid-size truck based on the Ram 1500 platform. However, the list of potential new truck versions and brands joining this lucrative segment could also get new names with the premium badge.

The big news in the industry was the arrival of the premium Mercedes X-Class truck and rumors are circulating that another high-value brand can enter the pickup segment. Audi has been the subject of speculations suggesting the possible launch of the 2020 Audi Pickup Truck or the truck concept model. There is no concrete evidence to support these claims and Audi hasn’t commented on the rumors. The details about the truck are also very limited and we have just some traces Audi could follow.

2020 Audi Pickup Truck

2020 Audi Pickup Truck: Possible Design

The rumors about the 2020 Audi Pickup Truck doesn’t provide the full picture about the design of the model or solid proof that this truck will happen.

Anyway, the Audi Truck is expected to borrow many of its components from the VW Amarok truck which is already in the leading group of models. Like Mercedes uses the underpinning of the Nissan Navara and much running gear, there are more models sharing the components like Isuzu D-Max and Ford Ranger, etc. This also sounds reasonable as it would radically reduce the time and cost to develop the truck.

While the Audi Pickup Truck could share the platform with VW Amarok, the exterior design should be derived from the brand’s new design language seen on the recent SUVs such as the Q8. The model would use a similar grille style and design of the headlights as the flagship SUV. The body lines should also be similar with the difference behind the rear pillar where the cargo bed would come with the unique tailgate and taillights.

Interior, Equipment:

The interior of the model, if it becomes the reality, wouldn’t also be much different from the form we see in the brand’s newest SUVs. The similar treatment of the dash and available equipment and comfort features would be the part of the Audi Truck as it is with brand’s SUVs.

The truck would integrate new MMI infotainment system with large screens, premium sound system and materials and high comfort features. There would also be less expensive but well-equipped base version and Audi would likely use the four-door cab style only.

The truck would also make use of the modern crash avoidance technologies which became the part of most trucks these days.

2020 Audi Pickup Truck

2020 Audi Pickup Truck: Powertrain     

If Audi is really up to launch the 2020 Audi Pickup Truck, there wouldn’t be a problem for the brand to obtain the powertrain.

The choice would be some of the new TDI V-6 or TFSI V-6 engines and four-cylinder units could also be in the game. It would also be great to see the high-performance Audi truck powered by the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 diesel unit. If the model sees the light of the day, some kind of electrified powertrain should also appear.

The truck would likely use an 8-speed automatic transmission and sophisticated four-wheel drive system.

2020 Audi Pickup Truck: Release, Price

Audi hasn’t hinted the arrival of the 2020 Audi Pickup Truck or the concept truck version. If the model reaches the production is some event the price could have a starting point in the high-$40,000.

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