2020 Skoda Pickup Truck: Rumors, Design

2020 Skoda Pickup Truck

Skoda has proven it can build high-quality SUVs and after the well-received Kodiaq, the brand continued to grow its lineup with new smaller models. With the new vehicles, Skoda confirmed its intention to become a globally successful brand and to achieve that new vehicles are expected to see the light of the day. Skoda will follow modern trends in the industry and start electrifying its models but brand might also enter a new, growing segment as well. Skoda was already mentioned in the context of the pickup truck previously and reports appeared recently that brand is considering the pickup truck version. Coinciding with the reports is the presentation of the Mountiaq pickup truck based on the Kodiaq SUV and built by students at firm’s school.

This sparked a new round of rumors that Skoda might soon come out with the pickup truck version. Skoda was already mentioned in this context that it could use the popular Kodiaq as the base for the pickup truck but as another option the VW Amarok-based truck with Skoda badge was also mentioned. Skoda is surely trying to see the response from the public with pickup truck concept model and we won’t be surprised if the Skoda pickup truck appears in the future. 

There are already rumors suggesting that the 2020 Skoda Pickup Truck is on the way but no evidence to support this claim appeared. Skoda hasn’t confirmed or rejected the possibility to make the pickup truck in the near future.

2020 Skoda Pickup Truck

2020 Skoda Pickup Truck: Possible Design

With the recently presented Mountiaq pickup truck, Skoda confirmed it wouldn’t need much time to bring this kind of the vehicle to the production. Students needed 2, 000 hours to transform the Kodiaq SUV to the pickup form and that could be one solution if a brand decides to enter this market.

The transformation to the pickup truck started with the reinforcing model’s body and in order to open the room for the cargo bed, the model has shorter roof and model lost rear doors in the process as well. There are also new bumpers and running boards on the Kodiaq-based truck. The truck has also higher ground clearance for better off-road capability.

This could be a recipe Skoda could use for the production version but there would likely be four-door cab version and larger cargo bed. On the other hand, some reports suggest that Skoda could use the VW Amarok as the base for its truck. That is already a proven concept in the industry and Mercedes adopted the platform and running components from Nissan Navara. Skoda truck would have its unique styling with Kodiaq-like elements including radiator grille and headlights.

Interior, Equipment:

The Skoda Pickup Truck would surely use a similar interior treatment and equipment like the popular Kodiaq SUV. There will be horizontally oriented dash with the newest infotainment platform and multi-functional steering wheel.

The truck would also provide high-comfort features and modern safety equipment. There would also be a number of customization options. 

2020 Skoda Pickup Truck

2020 Skoda Pickup Truck: Performance

It wouldn’t be a big problem for Skoda to obtain the engine for the 2020 Skoda Pickup Truck. Skoda could pick some of the diesel or petrol units that she has at disposal for the mid-size Kodiaq SUV.

The Mountiaq truck was presented with the 2.0-liter TSI engine capable of producing 190 hp. The 2.0-liter TDI diesel with similar output could also be available with this model.

The model would also equip capable four-wheel drive system and with additional ground clearance it would have the solid off-road capability. Skoda might also offer the off-road oriented version with additional off-road equipment.

2020 Skoda Pickup Truck: Release, Price

The Mountiaq truck version is proof that Skoda has the eye on this lucrative segment but we don’t have any evidence yet about the production version. So, the 2020 Skoda Pickup Truck is highly unlikely but in coming years the Skoda-badged truck could appear as a cheaper alternative to the VW Amarok. VW has recently hinted the possibility to offer the pickup truck in the US market. The brand presented serval concept models with a unibody design that could appear in the US but some sources suggest the possible introduction of the Amarok version in this market.   

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