2021 Tesla Pickup Truck: News, Expectations

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck

The explosion of the interest for the pickup trucks continues worldwide. The pickup trucks now have the shorter life cycle and the carmakers offer a number of versions to cover the broad spectrum of demand. But, still, for the majority of the brands, the highest priority remains the SUV models. The same is for the Tesla Motors Company. The new smaller derivative of the mid-size Model 3 crossover, the Model S is the priority for the company and it is set to come the next in brand’s schedule.

The debut of the Model S was initially announced in 2019 but Tesla CEO recently said that will be some changes in the plan. Namely, the plant in Fremont, California has the full capacities with producing the Model 3 and Model S and the Model Y demands the new capacities for the production. That will likely move the introduction of the Model Y to the 2020 model year.

However, that is also very important for the buyers which expect the first all-electric truck to hit the market. Tesla Motors confirmed the arrival of the pickup model but after the Model Y hits the market. In the current situation, it probably means that Tesla will launch the all-electric pickup as the 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck.

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck: Release date

It was in November last year when Tesla premiered the new-generation Roadster but also used the venue to show the sketch of the EV Pickup truck. Then, the Model Y was defined as brand’s priority and the pickup was to follow compact crossover. In that scenario, Tesla promised the launch in 2019. However, this month, Tesla CEO said the production of the Model Y is about 24 months far from now. So, that pushes the Model Y to the 2020 model year launch. Consequently, it will delegate the arrival of the pickup model and we should now expect its launch as the 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck, in the best-case scenario.

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck: What we know about its design

It was the surprise when Tesla presented the sketch of the Pickup Truck at the mentioned Semi event. The model presented on the sketch is actually large enough to load another pickup truck. And it seems now that Tesla didn’t do that just to impress the public. It has now been believed that brand will actually offer two truck versions. One would be the monster truck capable to carry another in the cargo bed but Tesla would produce the smaller model as well.

The smaller pickup truck should come first and Elon Musk announced its size to be slightly above the most-popular Ford F-150. It was also reported that the model is in the early stage of development and not many details are known for now.

We should, however, expect the Model X elements to be used in the 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck. That would include the base architecture and brand’s signature styling. The interior won’t, of course, be much different. The equipment will also be in line with the SUV model including the broad range of safety equipment.


The powertrain would also use the similar Dual Motor technology and the power on all wheels. Tesla’s pickup truck should provide impressive performance and high torque should also mean strong towing capability. The payload capacity is expected to settle at around 1, 000 kg.

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck

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