2020 VW Amarok: News, Design, Specs

2020 VW Amarok

The number of the premium pickup trucks is in the constant growth on the global market and the mid-size VW Amarok is one of the top picks in the class. With the recent refresh for the 2017 model year and new V-6 turbo engine, the model delivers enough of the refinement and grunt. However, motivated with the trend of the high-performance options offered by most of the rival brands, VW expanded also the lineup with the more powerful V-6 engine and unique design touches.

The next 2020 VW Amarok will also add new options but won’t bring substantial upgrades. That is reserved for the new-generation version in a few years from now. The new Amarok should, however, boost the tech and safety aspects to stay relevant among sophisticated rivals while will keep the current styling and mechanics.

2020 VW Amarok

2020 VW Amarok: Styling

With the recent refresh, the Amarok is in the line with brand’s new styling language and the 2020 VW Amarok version will keep the form of the current version.

The model has SUV-like front-end design with the grille version we meet also on the VW’s passenger cars and the headlights have the modern design as well. The smooth body lines also follow the pattern while swollen fender flares add some of the needed ruggedness.

The truck will again come in different options and with the unique styling touches. The cheapest version will ride on the 17-inch wheels while the wheels will grow in size in upper grades and reach 20 inches in the range-toping version. More brightwork will also appear on the more expensive variants.

Interior, Equipment:

The next Amarok won’t also change the interior design but there should be some upgrades. The model will offer the range of material and finish quality and premium and luxury features.

The new model year should bring the upgraded infotainment system and also add more safety equipment. Still, no precise details of the upgrades but Amarok must add the latest tech and safety features to stay relevant among the well-equipped rivals.

2020 VW Amarok

2020 VW Amarok: Powertrains

With the last refresh the Amarok brought the smooth, powerful and efficient V-6 turbo diesel engine combined with the sophisticated 4Motion all-wheel drive. But motivated by the introduction of the high-performance rival versions, VW boosted the performance of the V-6 engine in its new top-range version for the 2019 model year. The 2020 VW Amarok will keep the engine current options and the 8-speed automatic transmission.

A 3.0-liter V-6 turbo diesel will likely stay at the current power and torque ratings. One version will make 221 hp and torque of 550 Nm. A more powerful version with the modified pistons and software will boost the power to 254 hp with additional 14 hp available thanks to the overboost feature.  The peak torque of this version will be 580 Nm available between 1400-3000 rpm.

The Euro 6 turbo diesel will provide a great throttle response and the steering system and suspension will ensure precise handling. The 4Motion all-wheel-drive system will also deliver all-terrain traction and capability.

2020 VW Amarok: Release, Price

No details about the price yet but the 2020 VW Amarok should keep the value range close to the current. The arrival will be in the second part of 2019.

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