2020 Holden Ute: Speculations, Design

2020 Holden Ute

The pickup truck has become the global hit and they get attention with their utility, capability and sophistication.  The Australian market is also hungry for this kind of vehicles and among other brands operating on this content is General Motors’ Holden subsidiary. The Holden Colorado is the version of the mid-size Chevy Colorado for this market and it performs well and should enter the new generation soon. But this brand had another interesting truck-like design, the Holden Ute.

The last version of the model was marketed from 2007 until 2017 based on the Holden Commodore sedan. The newest generation Holden Commodore sedan and wagon arrived for the 2018 model year and sparkled speculations about the new Ute version.

The Holden Commodore has now been expected to get the mid-cycle update with some styling and interior improvements and possible under-hood upgrade. There are also rumors that Holden is again considering the Ute version but there was not an announcement from the brand in that regard. The Commodore is already available in several body styles and another version is not expected. Buyers are now more interested for the SUVs and pickup trucks and their high flexibility which the sedan-based Ute wouldn’t be able to deliver. The market for the possible Holden is therefore tiny and the new generation version is highly unlikely any time soon.

However, the speculations already appeared how the 2020 Holden Ute could look based on the latest Commodore.

2020 Holden Ute

2020 Holden Ute: Design

The newest generation Holden Commodore arrived for the 2018 model year based on the second-generation Opel Insignia. The updated version of the Commodore should appear as the 2020 model with the styling changes focused on the front section and some interior and tech upgrades.

If the 2020 Holden Ute would appear alongside the updated Commodore, two models would share the same platform and styling. With the new GM’s global E2 platform, the Holden Ute would be much lighter than the version before and would adopt sleeker Opel-derived styling.

The front section would have a shield-shaped grille with the wing-like strip with the Holden badge in the middle and attractive headlights.

The model would have a sleek hood and body lines and the cargo bed would come behind the second pillars. So, like with the last version, there wouldn’t likely be four-door crew cab version just two-door models.

Interior, equipment:

The cabin of the Holden Ute would also share the dash design and many elements with the Commodore models.

There will be a nice dash with driver-focused elements and large center display. There would likely be 7-inch and 8-inch touchscreen options and other electronic equipment like navigation, digital radio, wireless charging, etc.

The model would also come with high-comfort features such as heated seats, leather upholstery, BOSE premium audio and more. The modern safety equipment would also be available including blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic alert, a 360-degree camera, lane departure warning, lane keeping assists, automatic emergency braking, etc.

2020 Holden Ute

2020 Holden Ute: Powertrains

The last version of the Holden Ute was powered by the V-6 and V-8 engines. The most capable V-6 delivered up to 282 hp while the most potent 6.2-liter V-8 made up to 407 horsepower. There were upgrades like Brembo brakes and Super Sports Performance Suspension.

The hypothetical 2020 Holden Ute would not come with the V-8 likely and choices would include V-6 unit and turbocharged diesel and petrol 2.0-liter units. The V-6 would produce in excess of 300 hp but not close to 400 hp. The four-cylinder units would be more efficient but less potent options.

The new generation Holden Ute would offer both the front- and all-wheel drive combined with the new nine-speed automatic transmission.  The rear-wheel wouldn’t be available as it was the case with the second-generation version. There would be performance and suspension upgrades for some versions.

2020 Holden Ute: Release, Price

There are no signs from the company that the new generation of the Holden Ute is under consideration. The passenger car-derived pickup truck wouldn’t find the buyers base to justify the arrival of the new version. These days the mid-size models like the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, etc. are popular and they provide greater utility and capability than the Holden Ute would be able for and that is what buyers demand. So, the new generation Holden Ute doesn’t have a  good perspective in the coming years.

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